Fiber Optic Chandelier DIY, Large Fiber Optic Branch Chandelier

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  • Fiber Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Fiber Brand: AiLi (Self-owned brand)
  • Projector: 45w, 7 colors (Recommended)
  • Light Modes: Auto, Flash, Fade, 7 Solid Colors
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    This project is for EXHIBITION HALL of one of the most famous enterprises in China, NICE Group Corporation.



    KEPUAI workers installed the ceiling fiber part, we use 1.5mm AiLi (self-owned brand) PMMA end emitting fibers, fibers are straightened and side sparkle.

    Powered by about 45w 7 colors projectors, four light modes, flash, auto color changing, fade and 7 solid colors, you can choose any modes you prefer to

    by controller, furthermore, the brightness and color changing speed can be adjusted by controller.


    fiber optic light2

    fiber optic light1

    fiber optic light4


    Fiber Optic chandeliers “Light Sculpture”,

    Crystal-tipped cascades of shimmering fiber optics are available, fully assembled, into flamboyant chandeliers for home, office

    or club use, in a wonderful array of shapes and sizes, and an exuberant range of colors.

    Powered by a single high efficacy and long-life light projector, regular maintenance of many individual light bulbs – the scourge

    of traditional chandeliers – is a thing of the past! All that is conveyed along the glowing fibres to the dancing crystal tips is pure

    light, infused with gracefully changing colors.

    Each chandelier consists of a mirrored suspension plate (usually square or circular), through which are threaded glowing

    strands of fiber, terminating at the end of their respective drop in a shining faceted crystal. On top of the plate, the fiber is

    collected together with up to 20″ of free length, for insertion into the lighting port of the projector.

    The projector contains a single lamp, which generates all the light for the entire chandelier display, and a controllable, rotating

    color change or waterfall shimmer wheel to give spectacular colored animation effects.

    These easy-to-assemble and fit components are delivered to your door, ready to hang up.



    If you’re interested, please feel free to contact Carrie, we’ll give you full solutions and our project videos for your reference.


    Shipping Item: EXPRESS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EPACKET, AREMAX etc..

    Lead time: 3-5 business days

    Delivery time: 3-8 days

    Please contact Carrie for more information:


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